Faytown Designs is the result of listening to what our customers and clients need to help their business grow. In the beginning, we began as a freelance design firm. Now, we offer numerous product lines for customized goods and have the ability to expand your design and manufacturing capabilities. We focus on innovative and functional design and have various new in-house products that are being developed that will definitely make the future a little brighter.


Meet the Owner

Dylan Trichell has been hands on in the startup community and maker community since December of 2016 in Fayetteville, AR. His first venture was producing fidget spinners before they went viral through 3D printing and eventually had two other college students helping him keep up with manufacturing the orders while he continued designing, prototyping, and selling the new designs to stores at wholesale. Eventually to get rid of inventory at the middle of the decline on the trend, he cleared the final 100pcs by selling to local firework stands.

Immediately following this project, clients started reaching out to Dylan looking for product design and prototyping services. This is where his freelance design services began. Eventually, these clients were obtaining designed products but then needed to find manufacturers. Naturally, Dylan started reaching back out to his network from the maker community and found the right companies to work with to offer minimal manufacturing services at first. This quickly grew into a larger network and in October of 2017, Faytown Designs was created. In the beginning, Faytown Designs was offered as just creating goods for other clients until we started developing more of our own designs.

Now, Faytown Designs offers numerous opportunities for clients needing product design, product development, wholesale goods, promotional items, and manufacturing services. Our manufacturing partners have the capability to take you from a one piece prototype all the way to mass-manufacturing or anywhere in between.